Electronics Shed

A sturdy, weatherproof shed with a floor was purchased in 2015 and located at the Red Lodge Recycling Center at Beartooth Industries so that electronics could be dropped off by the public on days that the recycling center is open.  In addition, electronics from the spring and fall citywide cleanup conducted by Republic Services and electronics from pre-event pickup were stored in the shed until 2017. 

Electronics are not currently allowed to be dropped at the shed except during the annual recycling event in August.  This is because electronics recycling, free of charge, has been discontinued by the recycler for those states, including Montana, without legislation for take back requirements.  Though the annual collections events from 2013-2016 were free of charge to Red Lodge area businesses and residents, the events were not in essence 'free' as they were subsidized by the technology/manufacturing sector.  Therefore, electronics are collected only during the pre-event/annual event activity as recycling and shipping charges apply.

Collections for Annual Events (pounds)

2019 - 11,803 (no CRT devices collected) - 5,147 miscellaneous, 2,278 PC's, 1,665 LCD monitors/TV's, 1,631 printers/copiers, 1,082 A/V equipment
2018 - 23,433
2017 - 18,939
2016 - 23,000 (approximate)
2015 - 26,750
2014 - 20,951
2013 - 22,449
2012 - 14,866

In addition to the annual event collections, the shed was emptied by Collective Recyclers and the electronics shipped to ECS Refining on the following dates:
  • September 2015
  • May 2016
  • August 2016
  • October 2016
  • December 2016
With an average of 2,500 pounds per shed collection/empty, an additional 12,500 pounds has been collected.

For a list of recyclable items click on the file below