9th Annual Electronics Recycling Event

September 19, 2020

The 9th annual electronics recycling event was held in Red Lodge on Saturday, September 19, 2020. We used Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions, located in Billings, as we did in 2019. To see what is done with the electronics, including re-purposing, visit their site:

A special thank-you to First Interstate Bank for use of the parking lot.  First Interstate was not able to do paper shredding in the back-parking lot this year; hopefully in 2021.  The entry and exit, unloading of vehicles, sorting of electronics and parking a large truck are efficiently handled given the great layout of the site.

Red Lodge and Carbon County continues to recycle electronics instead of throwing them away. The 2020 poundage was 11,863 for non-CRT mixed electronics, 60 pounds more than in 2019.  The poundage breakdown:

miscellaneous - 708 lbs.

AV equipment/computer accessories - 2,458 lbs.

PC's - 1,950 lbs.

microwaves/misc. - 894

TV's - 1,780 lbs.

printers, keyboards, mice, etc. - 1,983 lbs.

monitors/laptops - 927 lbs.

PC's AV, etc for possible resale - 1,163

If you have CRT TVs or CRT computer monitors, take them to the Billings landfill.  We have been advised they will accept them at no charge for Carbon County residents.  They are particularly complex to recycling, in part because the glass screens contain lead and very few places within feasible shipping distance are equipped to full recycle them.

We minimized volunteers this year to reduce exposure to Covid.  Thank-you the Red Lodge Lions Club and Red Lodge Red Lodge Recycling who provided a forklift. 

Pre-event pickup this year was confined to the Red Lodge, Bearceek, Belfry and Luther areas.  It remains popular as these materials are collected and stored in the REWIND shed at the Red Lodge Recycling Center and then transported to the annual event.