Our 5th annual E-Waste Collection event took place on Saturday, August 27, 2016 and it was another huge success! We were able to collect nearly 20,000 pounds at our event and an estimated 5,000 pounds prior to our event! To make that total even better, we had over 150 cars and several businesses that were committed to this event. We consider this to be an enormous success and would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and agencies:

Thank you to First Interstate Bank and Bank President, Lyle Zimmerman for allowing us to use your front parking lot for our event. We are honored you have allowed us to do this for the third year in a row! 

The magnificent Red Lodge Lions: Thank you for the assistance with heavy lifting and pre-event collection every year!

To the Green Team from Red Lodge High School for assisting with the heavy lifting and collection event! 

To Sonya Harnish: We are grateful that you not only took the time to photograph this event (when the rest of us were recycling cameras), but also for allowing us to use them on this site. You are a terrific person and we are truly grateful. 

To Eric Little and his crew at Collective Recyclers: Thank you for your dedication throughout the year, helping REWIND collect from our shed at Beartooth Industries!

To Eric Elton, Markus Urbanick and Lee Hauge at Beartooth Electric Cooperative for dedicating time to operate their forklift to load the palettes and gaylords onto the semi-trailer.

AND last but not least, thank you ECS and Tom Hoyge! Where would we be without your dedication and passion for collecting and recycling? We would not have had this event at all without you!

We are proud to have been a part of saving a little bit of our water supply, our beauteous mountain area, and playing a part in the salvaging of important materials that still have use.

REWIND = Recycle E-Waste Into New Devices!